5 Signs It’s Time to Clean Up Your Brand Message

Messy Message Closet

We all have one of those closets in our homes. You know. The one nobody wants to talk about. What array of stuff is jammed in there with the clothes we don’t wear anymore? Only our worst demons know what lies in the deep reaches of this particular hell. It took a long time to turn it into chaos so it’s bound to take forever and lot of frustration to clean it up. Right? Actually, it’s more like the parable of the boiling frog. If you were suddenly dropped into chaos, you’d see it and deal with it. More often than not, the disarray sneaks up on us because we miss the signals – we’re not aware it’s as bad as it is.

This is true of our corporate, culture and product brand messages. So take a step back, look for the signs of message messiness and clean up your message house before the chaos takes over.

Message Messiness Sign #1 – Lack of message architecture

The most obvious sign is lack of a message architecture or one that hasn’t been updated and used in . . . a long time. This one speaks for itself, yet there are so many brands out there that don’t have a defined message architecture. This is a clear structure that states the overall brand essence with reasons to believe and supporting message tracks. And, there are even more brands that once had a message architecture at launch but that document now collects dust on a shelf or a virtual dusty shelf within a server. If there is no organized architecture for messages, or it isn’t used and refined regularly, of course chaos rules.

Message Messiness Sign #2 – Gaps in story flow

When communications and marketing materials are long and meandering with gaps in story flow, or are too short and abrupt, there’s a message issue. The key here is to look for gaps or leaps in logic that don’t hold up to the objective straight-face test. Invite the objective voice in to pressure test your story. We seem to forget after launch, that the markets and the context for our story are constantly changing. Stuff gets thrown into the message closet over time because it seems to make sense in the moment. Issues come and go. Opportunities come and go. The messages concocted in those moments too often stick around. And, now you’ve got tennis rackets and alarm clocks in with your clothes and shoes — and nobody wants to open the closet anymore.

Message Messiness Sign #3 – Nobody can tell the story

If members of your team and leaders can’t articulate the brand story or, even worse, tell many different versions of the brand story, you’ve probably got message chaos. Sure, this can mean teams and leaders aren’t bought into the messages or they aren’t properly trained. Check first on message organization because the chances are pretty good that this is the real issue. Also look for the people who tend go their own way, developing materials and communications on their own in the shadows. The intentions may not be as nefarious as they seem. In some cases, it is frustration with the condition of the messages. Granted, these folks should raise their hands and point out the problem instead of going it alone. Ultimately, isn’t it easier to clean up the messages rather than letting team drama continue?

Message Messiness Sign #4 – Message gurus

Message gurus are a sign to watch out for. When there is only one person or a small number of people on the team who know the story or can answer questions about messages, it usually means there is so much complexity that a human compass is needed to navigate others through it. These gurus typically have the institutional knowledge about why there are gaps in the story, weird little nuances, odd little nuggets that got jammed into places they don’t belong. They are unconscious or conscious curators of the chaos. They may be great professionals, collaborators and people, but they’ve become enablers. Message gurus may or may not be proud of it, but have become explainers and protectors of the status quo. Also look for the person who feels an exaggerated sense of protecting the messages from you.

Message Messiness Sign #5 – Excuses and accusations fly

Excuses and accusations about communications, marketing and branding are other signs it’s time for message clean up. “This is an old brand.” “This is a new brand.” “We’ve gone through a lot of change.” These may or may not be signs of a larger problem. But look for a simpler solution first. Addressing messaging while creating alignment and ownership within the team could be the treatment equivalent of taking an aspirin compared with fixing sweeping communication problems or team dynamics.

Some people love to organize. Some people hate the process. I’m willing to leave the crazy piles of paper and stuff on my desk and the floor of my office. Can’t stand organizing paperwork and I know exactly where that one piece of paper I need is in the chaos I’ve created there. But I can’t – and we can’t – do that to our marketing and communications teams when it comes to our brand messages. A well organized message architecture reduces drama, increases alignment and overall it is a roadmap to success. Don’t we owe that kind of sanity to ourselves and our teams?

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